Kochi – Contribute your unused clothes and other materials to Goonj

An old shoe lying in a dingy corner of your store room could be the reason for a school going child’s smile and pride thousands of miles away. A two meter cloth that is too drab for you to stitch into a dress could become the symbol of dignity for a hapless woman in a far-flung village who has been using sand, ash and rags instead of sanitary pads.

Dresses that won’t fit you any more, old shoes, belts, curtains, school bags, books, toys, lunch box – every household has a multitude of  things which people can easily do without. Even the least attended object in your household has a value when put in the hands of the deprived.  This week we invite you to pass down these things to our less fortunate folks.

Goonj’s ‘100,000 acts of Giving’ is a pan India campaign, giving every Indian an opportunity to take out any used/unused but USABLE household material and give it.

Every piece of cloth or under-utilized material you contribute to Goonj becomes a powerful resource for development work. Your material does not go as charity to people in village India, instead it acts as a reward for people in rural India, who put their labour and wisdom to address their most difficult challenges; from making a road to cleaning a pond or digging a well.

How you can contribute:

  • Drop your material contributions to any of our ‘Public Collection Centre’s (PCC’s – Run by volunteers that are open to the larger public) .
  • Organise in-House Collection (IHC) : Collection camps within your colony, school/college, office etc
  • Talk to 10: Spread awareness about the campaign, motivate others to contribute. Just look for 10 of your friends, relatives colleagues and talk about the concept.
  • Have ample space and want to share that too?
    We are looking for a larger space for storing the final collection for 2,3 days after 30th April. Help us find a godown or large space.
  • You can enable logistics?
    Moving these contributions to Goonj offices is a great need. Tell us if you can pitch in.

When – April 22nd – May 5th 

Where – Public Collection Centre’s:

Know more about Goonj – http://goonj.org

10,000 acts of Giving – http://goonj.org/page_id=23616/

Make a monetary contribution – http://goonj.org/page_id=22576/

For any queries – Saran (9447305275)





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