Are You Thinking Good?

Thoughts make a person. We are what our thoughts are. It literally means that the way we think influences the type of person we become. Thinking good is the first step towards doing good. Wedogood is an organization that focuses on ‘the good thought’, the ones that lead towards a holistic development of the world, not just of a few individuals. We guide thoughts that focus on not just ‘I’ or ‘You’, but instead gives prominence to ‘We’. How do we do it? Through simple steps. We do it by initiating and carrying forward unsettling conversations about a better sustained future, for everyone. We do it by leading a revolution by taking the right action at the right time.

Everyone wants to make the world a better place to live in. Better education, better technology, easier lifestyles, more choices, better quality. But we never pause to ask ourselves a fundamental question- “Are we doing it the right way?”

Mankind exists, not just to survive and last, but to excel and strive forward to a time where everything is easier and simpler. Technology lets mankind’s intentions translate into reality. Lost in this constant struggle for excellence, most of us have chosen to be blissfully ignorant about the rest of the world and our environment. When we designed economic and industrial systems for our own gains, we turned a blind eye to the sufferings and afflictions of a major part of our population who were left behind in the process.

This pinch we’re in - global warming, depleting water resources, polluted environment and all the things that might lead to our ultimate doom, happened as a by-product of uncontained human ambition. Industries progressed, the rich became richer, and poor became poorer. Environmental issues were overlooked for the sake of development and remained so till it got to a point of almost no return. We lost the balance. The Yin/Yang effect. Any development that comes at the expense of the poor communities and the environment cannot be dubbed as real progress. When sustainability ceased to be an issue, our decline started. As much as we’ve progressed, we’ve digressed a lot in terms of inclusiveness and sustainability. This has tampered with the subtle balance of life that nature so carefully obtained through millions of years of evolution.

The damage is done. Now that the damage is done, only we can heal the wound. To heal and undo what’s been already done, or at least try our best at it, while progressing at a steady pace. At Wedogood, we envision a future where progress is inclusive, environmentally sound and builds a shared prosperity for our entire population. We consider it our highest aspiration to make this paradigm a part of our mass consciousness and to percolate this idea so deep into the human psyche that when people talk about progress or development, they mean the real deal.

The How

We take several initiatives to build, grow and spread ‘Good Thought’ in people.

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

We organize workshops for students to inspire them to build socially relevant businesses and to work towards a wholesome social development. The workshop is taken in two parts. The first, an empathy building workshop and the second, a business ideation workshop. After the two day workshop, aspiring entrepreneurs will get an overview about the social issues that surround us and we will help them make business plans that focuses on building solutions to such problems.

  • Initiation to social entrepreneurship using 'Rural Village Simulation'
  • Social business ideation using 'Business Model Canvas'

Do Something: Connect With Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations face the challenge of getting the right kind of people and resources to execute their vision. We help in solving this by giving them better exposure that can get them more volunteers and donors. From the other side, through our blog, people can find relevant causes to contribute to and volunteer in around them.

  • Find opportunities to Volunteer
  • Know about social organisations
  • Do

Providing a Livelihood (Coming Soon)

One big problem that the society faces today is the fact that a lot of people are left out of the mainstream economy, and thus remain unemployed. These people are of an ambiguous lot, skilled and unskilled, and left without a livelihood. Our new initiative aims to solve exactly this, by helping them become self-sufficient and self-reliant. More on this soon.

  • Income source for non-profit orgs
  • Livelihood for underprivileged families


Non-Profits Benefited


Volunteer Hours Facilitated


Students Ignited


Donations Driven


Check out the activities we have done in the last 1 year.

'Joy of Giving Week' collection drive done for Goonj

Social Entrepreneurship workshop at College of Engg,Adoor

Happy Schooling Campaign

Volunteers at Anandhasai Balasadan

Social Business Ideation workshop at Rajagiri School of Social Sciences

Materials collected as part of Goonj collection drive

Social Entrepreneurship workshop at LBS Institute for women

Contributions received at Santhi Bhavan

Social Business Ideation workshop at College of Engg,Karunagappally

'Joy of Giving Week' featured in Indian Express

Social Entrepreneurship workshop at College of Engg,Karunagappally

'Happy Schooling' campaign featured in Indian Express

'10,000 acts of Giving Week' collection drive done for Goonj

Organizations we have worked with

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